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Super Grooming Flexiduo

Super Grooming Flexiduo

SKU: flexiduo

This innovative flexible slicker massage brush and long tooth metal comb are perfect for grooming cats,  puppies, older dogs and small mammals.

This duo is ideal for using with puppies to gently introduce them to grooming with its clever flexible soft silicone and metal brush.

Brush, massage and comb your pet to stimulate their skin and promote a healthy tangle free coat.

This innovative flexible slicker massage brush is very durable.  does an excellent job of removing matts, knots, and trapped dirt with one side which leaves a clean coat. The other soft silicone side is great to massage your pet and remove any loose coat at the same time. 

About this item:

  • GENTLE FLEXi HEAD BRUSH with ergonomic grip for maximum comfort.
  • Designed to loosen and remove stubborn matts, knots, loose hair and trapped dirt.
  • Works well with short and long hair, leaving a clean and smooth coat after each use.
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