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How to use Secret Weapon Intense Dematt Conditioner

Ultimutt Intense is a hypoallergenic moisturising dematting and conditioning product which is produced in the UK. 

Ultimutt can be added to your grooming shampoos to make a 2-in-1 or can be massaged through the coat after the  shampoo just like a traditional conditioner. 

The dematting power of Ultimutt Intense is so good you can rub a little into very tough knots before the shampoo phase,

let the product sit for a few minutes to work its magic then continue with the shampoo as normal.

Use Intense with your Secret Weapon shampoo to keep the coat hydrated matt free and moisturised.

How to use Tangle Tamer Coat Saver

Tangle Tamer is a hypoallergenic Silicone Free detangle and conditioning spray.  Made in the UK this gentle product will smooth and enhance the coat making brushing easier. Tangle Tamer can be used on a wet or dry coat. Simply spray before drying and brush through the hair as you dry.  Using on a dry coat is as easy as using on a wet coat simply spray and brush. Remebring to lift and spray in layers if it is a thick or heavy coat.

How Do I Use Hypknotic

Hypknotic works in a different way to our dematting conditioner because it contains a water soluble silicone to release knots and matts by coating the outside of each individual hair with nutrient rich oils to loosen knots making brushing so much easier and leaving a beautiful silky shine on the coat. 

Hypknotic can be used on a wet or dry coat. Simply spray the coat and brush through, remember to lift the coat spraying and brushing down in layers if the coat is particularly heavy or thick.

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