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How to brush your dog

When your dog is placed on the grooming table at the Grooming Salon he knows its brush time, he accepts that he will be brushed and pampered so If you do the same at home you will be helping yourself, your dog and the Groomer...

Follow This guide to Help You at Home

'He wriggles' 'He doesn't like me brushing him' 'He tries to eat the brush' 'He wants to play' - Sound familiar?

The floor is usually his play area, the sofa is usually his cuddle time… So you need to use an allocated space i.e. a table top or worktop space (a low table if you have a very tall dog). Place a rubber bath mat on the table, place the dog on the rubber bath mat and make sure there are no distractions, speak soothingly and brush your dog for a couple of minutes holding him by his collar, then Place him back on the floor. Repeat a a few times times each day, always using the same allocated space until you are confident that your dog has learned that when he is placed on the rubber bath mat its brush time. He will come to accept this as a learned behaviour and will soon relish the 'bonding' time you share here.

Using the correct grooming tools is very important too. A Slicker brush together with a metal comb plus our Tangle Tamer or Hypknotic detangle spray will make the job of coat care much easier.

What Happens if You Don't Brush Regularly?

If a knotted coat is left un-brushed the hair caught up in those knots will begin to break off and die. This is because the knotted hair is trapped and the hair-shaft is constricted, the result of this is that the hair becomes dry and brittle causing it to become matted.

If you attempt to brush out the matts the surrounding hair begins to stretch and break, as you brush and straighten the hair it becomes twisted on the tip and then attaches to the hair next door and within days the coat becomes knotted up again repeating the cycle.

If you allow the dog groomer to clip the knots out the hair is cut straight across and barely stretched this helps the coat stay knot free whilst it is short.    As the coat grows you can use Secret Weapon to hydrate and feed the skin and hair brushing regularly to keep it knot free and within a few months your dog will have a healthy full coat without the matts!

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