About Secret Weapon UK

Secret Weapon UK is the European arm of Secret Weapon Products Australia.  We introduced these now iconic grooming products to the UK and European dog grooming industry more than 6 years ago and have grown them to be the product of choice for thousands of Professional Dog groomers, Breeders, Show dog and Pet owners worldwide.

We carry two product brands on our website, 'Secret Weapon' which is produced in Australia and 'Secret Weapon Ultimutt'' which is produced here in the UK . Each Ultimutt product is made to the Secret Weapon Australia specialist recipes using only top quality organic ingredients.

Here at Secret Weapon UK we work hard to provide a top class service to our customers and are always happy to help with any queries via this website or by phone, email, Facebook messenger and Whatsapp (just look for Secret Weapon UK)


We are very proud to have established a wide customer base here in the UK and in Europe where we also have many stockists. If you are also interested in stocking our products please visit our be a stockist page.

We are passionate about our products and we want you to get the very best results from using them, this is the reason we created our user guide. Please see  - 10 Steps to Secret Weapon success,  

Some of our Organic Ingredients