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Secret Weapon Dreamcoat Serum

Secret Weapon Dreamcoat Serum

SKU: DC60ml
PrecioDesde 10,95£

Secret Weapon Dreamcoat Serum is a superbly versatile coat restoring and hydrating product.

You can use Dreamcoat before drying or after drying to enhance and straighten the coat as well as add a healthy shine. 

Dreamcoat Serum does not contain silicone therefore will not build up in the coat and will wash completely out at the next bath.  Apply as often as required.

How to use:

 Apply a dose in the palm of your hands, rub the palms together and work the serum through the coat, focussing on the areas you need it most.  

  • 125ml & 60ml
  • No sticky build up
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Serum contains very effective and gentle hair enahncing ingredients such as quarternary ammonium, polymers, panthenol and glycerin.
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